Newest Coordinator Falls in Love with Speed Dating

Chelsea Gomez didn’t expect more than 80 people to attend SACA’s annual Speed Dating last week, but the newest SACA Coordinator was ecstatic when more than 200 people packed George’s.

Still, before Speed Dating became the event that blossomed, the members of the Student Association for Campus Activities (SACA) had their work cut out for them. Gomez recently became the George’s Coordinator and hosting her first event was an experience in itself. Picking up where the last coordinator left off,  Gomez dove headfirst into planning.

The day of Speed Dating was filled with nervous anxiety for Gomez as last-minute additions were put in place before the doors opened at 7 p.m. The nervous anxiety that had intensified in the time before the event was replaced by relief as students poured into George’s and a line built from the door and wrapped to the back of the room.

“I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders,” said Gomez. “Everyone had a good time! It was a good chance to get out there and meet someone you might be interested in for Valentine’s Day, or just meet good people.”

Though Chelsea was in charge, she knows that she “couldn’t have done it without her teammates.” Getting involved with SACA and eventually becoming an event coordinator for the organization came from attending meetings, spending time in the  SACA office  and getting to know those involved. When a position opened up for event coordinator, Gomez was more than happy to take it. “It’s like a family in there, I love it,” Chelsea laughs. “I’m in there all day and I get to meet lots of people.”

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