Be Involved My Friends

Texas State's Most Interesting Bobcat

He’s been the subject of talk and commotion for weeks making bobcats swoon and everyone want to know his name.

Some say he’s descended from Boko himself, others that he was merely born from greatness. But who is this Bobcat who has everyone talking and rumors flying? Who is this man who’s reputation has been said to expand more rapidly than the universe?

He is, quite simply, the most interesting bobcat on campus.

Most well known for studying under the 14th Dalai Lama and later becoming the inspiration for the infamous Old Spice commercials, he is one Bobcat you’ll want to meet and will never forget.

From birth he was destined to attend Texas State when he was wrapped in a maroon and gold blanket. Two weeks later his first words were “Eat ’em up”. Now that he’s here his sole ambition is to be involved in as many on-campus activities as possible, so much so that there has been an organization named after him.

So where can you find this elusive person? Despite his fame (or perhaps because of it…) you can find him at various events around campus. His next appearance will be at the Housing Fair in the LBJ Ballroom on March 9th, but you’ll also be able to catch him at SACA’s Comedy Night, Riverfest in Sewell Park in April, and more. 

Be on the lookout for notices of where he’ll pop up next, and remember, “Be involved my friends.”


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