For Their Name’s Sake

Cheers to Den Wehr

4000 students, 20 PALS, two Co-Chairs, and one den: the make up of a weekend dedicated to incoming bobcats.

Every year the PAWS Preview program provides “just in time” information to thousands of incoming freshmen, and it wouldn’t run without the extensive staff who provide assistance before, during and after the program. Yet there is a smaller and lesser known group who contribute just as much to the organization even though you may not see them.

Each year, PAWS Preview asks students to nominate faculty and staff for the distinguishment of becoming a Namesake. This honor is bestowed upon those who show a “strong commitment to student success at the university”, and they become the face of the den they represent.

But the job’s not done when a namesake is chosen; the real fun is telling them what they’ve won behind door number 1.

Considering they deal with so many incoming students every fall, it’s no wonder that the PAWS Preview team never does anything small, and the events known as “Den Revelations” are no different. As head of the different dens it is the Co-chairs’ responsibility to reveal to their namesakes that they have been chosen as such.

Like  true bobcats, co-chairs can strike anytime, anywhere, as cunning as thieves and just as sneaky when it comes to unveiling the secret without doing so before it’s time. They’ll find ways to decorate doors and offices with the color of their future den, leave small goodies like a trail of bread crumbs for their namesake to ponder over, or just surprise the ‘Chosen One’ with a marvelous burst into a meeting, classroom or office.

After the reveal a namesake’s job is finished until the fall, but their name is carried on for much longer in the hearts of the freshmen who bore their name for a weekend in August. Namesake’s represent the bonds that occur between students and faculty on our campus, as well as the appreciation bobcats feel towards their senior bobcats.


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