Spring Breaks You Won’t See on MTV *UPDATE*

Bobcats Having Fun in the Sun

Just days away from dreaded midterms,  nearly every students’ mind is focused on what’s most important: 

The most blissful week of the year, a.k.a. Spring Break.

For tens of thousands of college students nationwide, Spring Break is the week for getting away from school to take a breather, hanging out with friends to escape the pressures of everyday life, or just to have fun. Texas State students are no different, going all across the state and the country, for the vacation they’ve craved since the end of Winter Break.

Some, like PAWS Preview Student Manager Alyssa Glass, are headed down south for some good old-fashioned relaxation. She and a group of friends are headed to South Padre for more reasons than the beach. The group’s criteria was a place to take dogs, somewhere not too far for a road trip, and inexpensive. Glass’s plans for the week?

“I am going to relax,” said Glass. “I will be sleeping and getting tanned.”

Sounds like fun, and yet other students actually stay behind to be, dare I say it? PRODUCTIVE.

SACA President Jill Vidal plans on going home for the holidays, but not exactly to relax with family.

“My family is going out of town so I’m staying home to watch the dogs,” said Vidal. “I’m also supposed to go to a wedding in San Antonio so I said I would stay home.”

Even with the chiming of four dogs constantly barking in her ear, Vidal plans to get work done over the break.

“I’ll have the house to myself, and four dogs,” said Vidal. “And I have a lot of stuff to get done.”

And Vidal’s not the only one getting productive over the break. SACA Coordinator Albert Arevalo is headed to Vegas, but not to live out any gambling dreams.

Arevalo will be presenting his own research on how the environment is portrayed in magazine advertisements at the Annual Southwestern Social Science Association Conference.

“I looked at two different magazines, Vogue and Forbes, and I collected individual advertisements from each magazine,” said Arevalo. “My research looked at patterns that were present in either just one magazine or a pattern that was present in both Vogue and Forbes.”

Still, it’s not all about Albert. He’ll be attending many other workshops to expose himself to other research that’s being presented while also networking with other professors from different universities. And compared to previous Spring Break’s?

“Well normally I just do nothing during my spring break-break,” said Arevalo. “One things is for sure is that this definitely beats my other spring breaks by a long shot.”

Whether travelling a thousand miles or just sixty, across the country or across the street, Spring Break is different for every Texas State student. Still, no matter how differently the weeks are spent, Bobcats are guaranteed to make the most of each of their seven days away.


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