‘Tis Better to Give

Superheroes don’t have to come flying in with capes swept up in the wind and a damsel in distress in their arms. There are real life heroes at Texas State who do what they can to help, and they do it all without any kind of x-ray vision. 

Bobcat Build and CAMCOSO are two of the many student organizations that give back to the community.

Established in 2002, Bobcat Build is the second largest volunteer program in the state of Texas with 4,000 participants and 200 job sites for just one day of service around the San Marcos area. This is Bobcat Build’s ninth year of participation and it’s message is the same as it was at the beginning.

“It builds a bridge between the community and the students,” said AJ Degarmo, Outreach Chair for Bobcat Build. “It changes the stereotypical view from the community about collge students.”

Natalie Cavazos,  Assistant Director of Bobcat Build, knows the importance of connecting students to San Marcos as well.

“It helps to form a relationship with the community from the university,” said Cavazos.

Cancer Awareness Month and Community Outreach Student Organization, more commonly known as CAMCOSO, provides resources and spreads awareness for all different kinds of cancer in the community. In addition to fundraisers, they often partner with different organizations for cancer awareness events.  This past fall CAMCOSO co-hosted Bra Night for breast cancer awareness with FashionNation where there were over 400 people in attendance. They also fundraise for Camp Quality, a week long camp for children with cancer.

Giving back to the community is one of the many reasons that students are proud to attend Texas State. Wanting to do your part? Bobcat Build kicks off on April 9th and the Student Volunteer Connection Summer Volunteer Fair is April 11th. Come out and discover one of the many reasons why it’s always “A great day to be a bobcat”.


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