An Org for an Org

Cocoa Boko will take place on April 5th at 7PM

Representation can come in many forms: The president of the United States representing his country. Ronald McDonald as a symbol of happiness in a box. Mickey Mouse the true image of our childhoods and the happiest place on Earth. While all of these influential figures are some of the best at what they do, here at Texas State we have organizational reps who could give them all a run for their money: Student Organizations Council.

More commonly known as SOC, the Student Organizations Council is there to represent every one of the 300+ registered organizations on Texas State’s campus. Greek life, residential life, Multi-cultural, you name it, they’ve got their back. But don’t let the modest size of the office fool you, there’s big help coming out of there. 

In addition to providing the resources for promoting themselves, SOC also provides the funding that organizations need to get off the ground. Up to $1000 is given for an event per academic year, and it can be a help to a struggling organization trying to get their name out.

“We help them to put on events that they actually want to do, and help them fund it so they can put them on,” said Kris Infante, president of SOC.

Jade Martinez, graduate assisant for SOC, knows the difference that an organization’s funding can make.

“We gave the Texas State Women’s Club Soccer money and they traveled to Arizona for the National Soccer Club Championships,” said Martinez. “For them to make it to nationals at the club level is pretty amazing.”

But it’s not just the funding SOC provides that helps each of the organizations. The SOC puts on programs every semester to help promote the organizations themselves.

“We have a lot of programs, and the programs that we have are geared towards helping the organizations in some way,” said Lauren Redman, Secretary of SOC.

With each of the programs that SOC puts on, other organizations are encouraged not only to participate to promote the program, but to come out and promote themselves as well. Programs that the office has been a part of range from the Organization Olympics, to Advisor Appreciation.

The next upcoming event will be Cocoa Boko, a competition where organizations build delectable treats out of just chocolate. That’s right: chocolate. Each organization will get to enter their chocolate creation and have students, as well as a panel of judges, taste and vote on them.

Cocoa Boko will take place in the Paseo on April 7th at 5 PM.


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