Texas State’s Got Talent

2007 AWITL Winner

Though they may not be considered high profile celebrities, there is a rather large and unexpected grouping of paparazzi running around campus. These students snap their photos in the middle of the day, take over large gatherings of importance on campus armed with more cameras than Justin Bieber followers. Luckily for the students of Texas State, these shutterbugs use their powers for good, and when they’ve caught a good photo they turn it into an award.

‘A Week in the Life’ (AWITL) photo contest was begun  back in 2004 to illustrate student life at Texas State. One of the contests’ goals is to capture students’ lives as Bobcats. Though there are rewards for the best photos, a large part of the contest is having anyone partipicate. In this way new talent is discovered every year.

A new participant in the contest this year, John Luna’s recent love for taking pictures is what ultimately got him involved in AWITL.

“Photography has been a new passion of mine this year and it’s something I’ve always admired in LBJ everytime I walk by it,” said Luna.

Roman Arispe, a previous AWITL winner, turned what began as a similar photography hobby into an award winning piece.

“I submitted to AWITL because I’m really into photography and you don’t get to see on-campus picture contests very often,” said Roman. “I thought, ‘I love Texas State and I love taking pictures, so why not?'”

Roman’s experience with AWITL has been a positive one from the beginning.

“I’ve been in the contest 2 times, each spring semester, and each time I was selected,” said Roman.

This year the top 10 chosen winners of the contest will have their work put on display on the 4th floor of the LBJ Student Center for the next year, shown on the AWITL portion of the student center’s website and featured in the University Star.

“Its cool because they get professional photographers to judge and they get to tell you why your photos were chosen. From a professional standpoint that’s really cool,” said Roman.

 Colter Ray, another previous winner of the contest in 2009, was already involved with photography when he entered the AWITL contest.

“I’ve been doing sports photography for 5 or 6 years and while it’s a hobby it’s also a source of income,” said Colter. “A Week in the Life was an opportunity to share some of my best work with the Texas State community.”

Though he was already involved with photography, Colter’s experience with AWITL was a positive one that even he was proud of.

“It was pretty cool. You could submit 3 pieces that year and I was the only one to have all 3 that I submitted chosen,” said Colter.

Much like the experiences of AWITL, the experiences at Texas State are just as varied and the Week in the Life contest is there to seize the moments bobcats experience every day.

“I feel that a Week in the Life is what it means to you, and this is my life,” said Luna. “Everybody at Texas State is so different and diverse and everybody has a different week in the life.”

Yet no matter the week, the different moments captured, they were all captured by Bobcats, and together captured the life of Texas State.


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