A Legacy of Music Becomes a Texas State Tradition

Rocking at Riverfest

The day is Thursday, and unlike Rebecca Black’s unnatural attachment to the end of the week, thousands are excited to hear it. Shouts of laughter and excitement fill the air as the crowd trades off between the different activities in Sewell Park. Whether running to grab a shirt, arms thrown in the air to snag a pair of sunglasses or leaping into the air to snatch a thrown frisbee, the crowd’s energy is palpable as the first performer takes the stage.

Yet as the sun goes down and the moment for the final act to take the stage crawls nearer, the anticipation is as oppressive as the summer heat and everyone packs in closer to the stage. The announcers take the stage, and at last it’s time for them to take the stage. Ronnie Jordan’s voice does the honor of declaring the fun to a fanatical crowd, “Now presenting…THE YING YANG TWINS!”

Established in 2003, the first Riverfest organizers had their fair share of trepidations. The headliner band, Cross Canadian Ragweed, was scheduled to perform, the location was set, but no one knew how many people were going to be in attendance that night. Nervous expectation thrummed through the Riverfest team as the date got closer, but no one could have expected what came next. An audience of over 5,000 solidified that  Riverfest was destined  to become a Texas State tradition.

Today, Texas State has boasted performances from fairly well known names in the music industry. Since Cross Candaian Ragweed everyone from Paul Wall, to the Eli Young Band, to last spring’s performance from Schwayze has  entertained Texas State students. As far as performances go, this year’s concert was bigger and better than ever.

With an ecstatic crowd of almost 6,000 people, the performers included BET comedian Ronnie Jordan, the winners of the fall semester’s Battle of the Bands The Organics, Hip Hop Congress, and the headlining Ying Yang Twins.

Also known as D-Roc and Kaine, the Twins headed down to San Marcos from Atlanta, Georgia to deliver a hip shaking performance.

“Everywhere we go it gets crunk, because if we want ya’ll to get crunk, WE gotta get crunk!” said Kaine.

Involved in the music industry since 1997, the brothers have been performing for over 10 years together and love every minute of it.

“The way we work, I see why people don’t get it,” said Kaine.

 Added D-Roc, “I like working with him so much we got a rolling studio. We’re about to go and record a song now!”

The duo is dropping a new album this summer, two years after Ying Yang Forever came out in 2009 because they’ve been performing and doing many shows both in the states and overseas. 

Considering their performance was documented by hundreds of Texas State students, when asked if the Ying Yang Twins would return to Texas State… 

“As long as they call us!” said D-Roc. “We would like to thank ya’ll. Without ya’ll there wouldn’t be a Ying Yang Twins. Everybody got really crunk!”


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