And The Award Goes To…

2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominees

Awards shows are always the same: celebrities gliding down the red carpet, screams of “Over here!” from the paparrazi capturing the latest looks. The Academy Awards may have a red carpet, but here at Texas State we  have something even better: hardworking students who also manage to juggle the insanity of being a student, working, and being involved.

Every year students are nominated for awards all over campus and one of them is the Student Employee of the Year award, a prestigious award that honors the outstanding efforts of student employees on campus. This year, out of a large group of students, 5 were nominated from the LBJ Student Center with the winner coming from Career Services.

Being nominated for such a title was something of a humbling experience for many involved.

“I didn’t know I was being nominated, so that was a surprise,” said LBJ Student Center nominee and first runner-up Katie Nock.

Another LBJ Student Center nominee, Markel Lee feelings on the nomination were more appreciative than surprised.

“I was very grateful that my staff nominated me,” said Lee. “Honestly I do a lot of work and I don’t ask for a lot of appreciation. So I was very grateful.”

Still, even those Bobcats aren’t student employees deserve recognition. The Boko Awards are held every year  to recognize outstanding  involved students. This year’s winners included the Human Environmental Animal Team (H.E.A.T), as Organization of the Year, and Mel Ferrari, who’s hard work as this year’s Associated Student Government president helped her take home the Organization Woman of the Year award.

This was Ferrari’s third visit to the Boko Awards and her first as a winner, but Ferrari says it was more who nominated her that made the difference.

“It means alot to me because of who nominated me, and that person was Will Fox, my Chief of Staff,” said Ferrari. “It’s also cool to say that I got it with Colter, but it means the most because of Will.”

Whether walking the red carpet now or in 10 years, Bobcats know the meaning of hard work and will strive for the best in everything they do. Whether honored as students, employees, or just exemplary people, here we really are the rising stars of Texas.


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