And That’s a Wrap!

Bobcats Enjoying the Moment

We Bobcats have gained our amazing “calf reputation” by doing what we do best: running the hills of campus staying busy. Students enjoy the hustle and bustle throughout the long semesters with all of the big events that happen regularly, but sometimes it’s the smaller events that can really make a difference on campus.

Although they didn’t draws thousands of students like Riverfest, SACA’s film showings brought out hundreds  of students to share in free time with other bobcats this semester. Between romantic comedies ike Easy A, hard hitting dramas like For Colored Girls, or epic action adventures like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the movies were a time for students to sit back and relax for a change.

Freshman Teressa Waits attended the showing of Harry Potter and enjoyed both the movie as well as what George’s had to offer that night.

“It was pretty cool because I was there with friends, and it was cool how they had the atmosphere set up. There were even people dressed up!” said Waits. “They also came up and told us about the Quidditch Association. Overall it was really good.”

Sometimes it’s the little dreams that go the farthest, and this year’s Quidditch Asoociation coming to fruition proves just how dreams  really can come true. From the first moment Quidditch, a fictional Wizarding sport from the world of Harry Potter, was brought forth as an idea to bring to Texas State, a facebook group was created and the Quiditch video on Youtube went viral. The group will officially become an organization starting Fall 2011 and students have latched onto the idea with vigor and excitement.

“I think it’s pretty awesome because Harry Potter need some love on Texas State’s campus,” said sophomore Claudia Giertz. “If I had time I would probably join. It would be interesting and definetely something original.”

Even as the Harry Potter craze that swept campus, Bobcats have had their share of tough and stressful times this semester. Still, there was always time for laughter. SACA presented comedians from across the nation this year, including performances by Ron G and Arvin Mitchell. Comedienne Cristela Alonzo also entertained Texas State students. Junior Ben Calloway enjoyed the moments of hilarity in the middle of such a busy time of year when he saw Ron G perform in early March.

“It was relly good because it showed a lot of the diversity here at Texas State. It also helps to get our name out there,” said Calloway. “I would definetely go again. Sometims it’s good to get out and laugh to forget what’s going on for a while.”

PAWS Market had their own share of fun triumphs this semester with their first commercial also going viral. The commercial highlights the variety of snack foods available, as well as the stores convenient hours of operation. The catchy song by Parry Gripp used in the video was stuck in various heads as it swept campus, and also brought PAWS market’s true talents to light. Albert Arevalo knows the exact feeling of having the song stick with students.

“It’s really catchy!” said Arevalo. “PAWS Market’s name is really going to get out more, and I’m sure it will help boost sales.”

There’s no doubt that Bobcats love to eat, and we love it even more when it’s free. Commuters felt the love with the Commuter Breakfasts that were held in the LBJ Ballroom and Quad this year. As a quick way to grab a bite to eat before heading to class, commuting students enjoyed coming in early to get something that would help them power through the rest of the day.

Larrimie McWilliams, a Fall 2011 graduate student, definetely thought getting up early for a bite was worth it.

“I loved it, I think it’s awesome that the Student Center puts it on,” said McWilliams. “I really like that there’s a variety of things available, because I don’t really like donuts, but there was a large variety of food.” 

Whether laughing, crying, or running around on a broomstick, there’s no limit to the amount of events students are a part of on a daily basis. Every year brings new triumphs for Texas State and this year was no different. However, the most amazing part of this school year is the fact that there is another year just ahead with more exciting things to come. From the end of one year to the beginning of another, Bobcats can’t wait to see what’s coming next.