Involvement Survival Guide: a New Bobcat’s Template to Getting Involved

Students at Cocoa Boko 2011

As you begin your University experience, many things are new and strange. New shortcuts to learn around the Alkek stairs, new food court schedules to learn, and especially how to get through your first college courses. It can be a lot to take in at one time, but luckily there’s an easy way to quickly get settled into a more comfortable routine on campus: get involved! Whether you want to “Go Greek”, work with new students or help organize on-campus events, Texas State is guaranteed to have something for every student.

Looking to get involved with other new students who will come in brand new just as we all did? There are many organizations such as University Ambassadors, PAWS Preview, and Orientation Leaders which are responsible for making sure students are informed both before, during, and after they are accepted to Texas State.  Cat Camp provides new Bobcats with the opportunity to learn the traditions of Texas State before they even attend classes and is one of the best ways to meet other new students and develop lasting friendships.

Once on campus, many students still aren’t sure exactly how they want to be involved. The Bobcat Interest Inventory, lists over 150 different ways to be involved at Texas State. Just click your interest and you are contacted by someone with that same interest!  There are over 300 student organizations on campus, so just about every Bobcat can find a place where they belong. The Student Organization Council (SOC) will hold an Organization Fair September 7 – 8 for you to obtain information and find a group that’s suited to your liking.

So why get involved at all at Texas State? There are a number of reasons to get out and get involved. First, you’ll get to meet MANY new people, forming new connections with other students, student leaders and faculty. You could meet your best friends in these groups, gain new perspectives and be a part of the diversity that makes Texas State so great. In addition to meeting new people you will learn a little more about yourself, and your leadership experience, everyday. In college it’s great to try new things that you have not yet encountered, challenge your boundaries  and build upon your skills in the best way possible: with practice. You never know, the one thing you were always afraid to try may be your strongest suit and best hidden talent!

Other than learning about yourself, you’ll get the most out of your college career by participating in such a large campus community. By getting involved in the community you’ll feel more comfortable on campus more quickly and easily than if you got used to school on your own. Involvement in organizations allows you to gain a new family within your group.

One of the most important lessons you can learn in college is how to balance school and your extracurricular activities. Stress is a normal part of college life, but by staying involved you will have the chance to learn new habits, such as time management, that will allow you to keep that stress in check. Being involved will give you an outlet other than just stressing about that next paper coming up, and these habits will follow you even after college.

Sure, coming to college can be both a terrifying and thrilling experience. Everything is new and at first it can be hard to find your place on campus. Being involved is the way to make life-long friends, have once-in-a-lifetime experiences and  learn valuable leadership and time management skills that will help you far beyond graduation.


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