What the LBJSC Means to Me

Chelsea Baker, Senior at Texas State University

A busy marketplace of student activity, the LBJ Student Center is, much as their mission statement affirms, “more than just a building”. For the past 13 years this old building has  had everything from classes in the teaching theater to fun student centered and sponsored events. Each year thousands of students pass through the Student Center to eat or just to catch up with old friends, but it’s not just a building to the students at Texas State.

Senior Chelsea Baker explains what she believes the LBJ Student Center stands for:

“As I begin my fourth year at Texas State, I have made many memories tied to nearly every landmark on campus. Everything from rubbing the good luck “charms” on the Stallion statue, falling up the stairs to the Alkek breeze way, sneaking a quick nap in Boko’s Lounge, even taking the ever popular picture with Lyndon B. Johnson pretending to shake hands.  Texas State University definitely has a special place in my heart and will forever remain there.

One particular building on campus that always stands out in my mind is the LBJ Student Center.  It is a home away from home… away from my home. Coming to a university that is over 200 miles away from the safe haven that I grew up in for 18 years was a big culture shock to me. While I was able to make a new home here in San Marcos, I was still missing something.  A place to relax, somewhere quiet to study, somewhere with food, friends and a good time waiting to happen.  The Student Center gave me a place to do all of these things and helped me become the social butterfly I was always meant to be. With everything that goes on in the heart of Texas State in the LBJSC, I have made connections with people that I might not have otherwise met if I hadn’t had a place to call home on campus.

The LBJSC truly does give students a place they can call partly theirs while on campus. I have never been able to walk through it without running into at least two people I know.  To me, that makes me feel welcome at any time, knowing that I will inevitably see a friendly face – even if I haven’t met them yet.  Once I have graduated and moved on to the real world, I know that I will always feel at home in the LBJ Student Center when I come back to visit.”

With so much activity going on in this building everyday it’s a great opportunity for students to get together, as well as a great place to have a moment to yourself. If ever a student needs a home the LBJ Student Center is there to provide whatever you need. Much like the rest of Texas State, the LBJSC stands for the opportunity, diversity, community and tradition that the university has always stood for. Look out for more guest bloggers about what the student center means to students from all walks of campus!


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