Ready, Set, Go Get Involved!

Students Looking to Get Involved at the Org Fair

If you are one of the almost 5,000 new students settling into your new San Marcos home, the most popular question you have might be, “Now what?”

Many of you may decide to “Go Greek” by joining a sorority or Rushing a fraternity. Others of you may have already taken the leap by trying to find your favorite organizations from the many that participated in this semester’s ‘There’s An Org For That’ Organization Fair.

With over 2,000 students in attendance over the 2 days the Organization Fair showcased groups like Harambee and University Ambassadors; who each took down over 50 interested members names. The Student Association for Campus Activities (SACA) has already had a number of applications for interested students turned in.

Those who are already involved on campus urge those who are new to Texas State to also get active, whether within the LBJ Student Center or anywhere around the university.

Shanna Schultz, Student Foundation’s Director of Leadership Development, is convinced that becoming involved provides new students with numerous opportunities during their college career.

“Involvement provides you with connections and an easy way to make friends, and the friends you meet are all going to have similar interests,” said Shanna. “It provides new students with growth and enhances the next 3 years of your life.”

Cindy Juradini, the Vice President of Membership for SACA, believes not only in the growth getting involved brings about, but the help it brings to students who aren’t comfortable just yet in college.

“Getting involved opens many doors as well as other leadership opportunities,” said Cindy. “It also helps to make the transition from high school to college easier.”

Markel Lee, CASO’s graphic designer, thinks that students not only get help from the organizations, the organizations benefit from having the students there.

“Students should get involved because that way they can experience more at Texas State than they thought they could,” said Markel. “You gain a new respect for organizations and they give you real life experiences.”

No matter what your interests, passions or talents, there are over 300 organizations on campus that are there for students whether old or new. Need a way to find your place? The CASO desk on the fourth floor of LBJ Student Center provides information on every org from A-Z. Also be on the look out for information on the marquees around campus, in the Quad  or anywhere you might be! Getting involved is just as important as Boko the Bobcat, and you’ll be sure to find exactly where you belong at Texas State.


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