What the LJBSC Means to Me: Another Perspective

Jose Lopez

Though there are over 300+ organizations within the Student Center and countless student leaders that go with them, it’s important to go back to the beginnings of where students had their first experiences within LBJ.

Jose Lopez writes of how friends first encouraged him to be involved, the opportunities he has found through the LBJ Student Center and how his journey continues:

When the Spring 2010 semester came around I found myself walking into the LBJ Student Center for the first time and attending my first student organization meeting. Little did I know that my affair with the LBJ Student Center would be a very active and involved one and that that first meeting would lead to would open up a completely new chapter for me here at Texas State.


In essence the LBJ Student Center means many things to me.

The LBJ Student Center has come to mean opportunity. I have had the privilege and have enjoyed of being involved with many, sometimes too many, student organization on campus and as a result I’ve had the privilege of meeting many different and diverse people. Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to new friends, many of whom I’m in various student organization with, share the same major, have classes with, and many still who have become very close friends. My job as an Activities Associate at Campus Activities and Student Organizations has allowed me to interact with many different departments within The LBJ Student Center and from all over campus. Interacting with the Dean of Students Office has allowed me to meet many important people that help run the University and has given me the opportunity to attend national conferences that have greatly enriched my academic and personal life.

The Student Center means success. The LBJ Student Center has provided me with resources, tools, and people that have allowed me to be more successful in my education, social, and personal endeavors. Being involved in a student organization has its perks. It has provided me with places to study, have meetings, and even hang out. I have met people who have become mentors to me and who have helped me with time management, finding jobs, and writing letters of recommendation that have led to scholarships..

The LBJ Student Center has become like my second home. Most days I spend more time here than in my own apartment, but I wouldn’t change that. The Student Center has provided me with many great memories, experiences, and friends and these are things that I will carry with me after Texas State and for life.

As with Jose, life-changing experiences might begin with simply walking inside the Student Center. Want to tell Texas State what the Student Center means to you? Start your story now and let us know!


One thought on “What the LJBSC Means to Me: Another Perspective

  1. What a moving story! We’re so glad these experiences exist…and that student leaders like Jose have experienced the essence that is the LBJ Student Center!

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