25 Things in 24 Hours: Stressing Over Testing

It’s the end of the first month of school and many students have already had their first taste of the first challenge of college life: Exams.

Though students are bombarded with moments of the sheer panic associated with back-to-back testing and becoming best friends with Alkek Library this week, the real problem is the question on everyone’s mind: How am I supposed to study for all of this when I have so much else going on?

Well, no need to worry Bobcats, everyone feels the pressure at least once during the school year to perform well as a student and still be themselves. It’s all about how you take things:

5. Plan in advance

For many students a planner is just as important as putting on clothes when they walk out the door in the morning. Writing things down is proven to be more effective at remembering what needs to be done. Have a lot on your plate? Write it down and make sure you look at it again often.

4. Do NOT study the night before!

Seriously, you’ll only be hurting yourself in the long run because you won’t retain most things that you look over the night before a test . Know when your tests are ahead of time and start studying 2 or 3 days before. Also take advantage of study tools such as the Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) lab in Alkek on the 4th floor, the Writing Center in Flowers Hall or one of the many other resources around campus.

3. Cut off the social media for a while

Nowadays nearly everyone has some form of social media whether it be  Twitter, Facebook, Google + or any number of others. Once on the computer, it can be really difficult to avoid going to one of your favorite sites before studying, but take a break from posting and messaging for a while until you get everything you need to get done completed.

2. Set aside time to study AND relax

It’s important, just like planning to set aside time to get everything done in a day. Whether at the beginning of the week or the beginning of the day make a list of everything that needs to get done and set aside a time line or deadline in which you’ll get it done. For example, it’s Monday and you have an advising appointment, then class, then you have a meeting later that day and a test on Wednesday. Set up time in such a way that you can make it from your appointment and then make it to class on time, maybe do your homework that you have in the gap before you go to your meeting and then study for a specific amount of time before bed. Scheduling is always key, but so is having a moment to yourself. Don’t burn yourself out at the beginning of the week by studying and then doing a million different things without having a second that’s just about you.

1.Take it one step at a time

Having a lot to do during the week can be very overwhelming and entirely daunting if you’re not prepared for what’s coming. Still, probably the most important thing to remember is that you should take things one thing at a time instead of all at once. Thinking about the test you have on Wednesday and then the meeting you have Thursday and the event you need to be at on Friday all at once will only make it worse. Have your planner with you so you don’t have to remember everything, block schedule your time so you can have an active game plan and be sure to have time in which you can study AND relax.

There are all kinds of tips out there that will help you when you’re feeling like the world is crashing in because of your busy schedule. It’s very important to do well on an exam within your classes because messing up can be very hard to bounce back from, and a little stress can be a good thing when it keeps you motivated. Just remember to breathe and understand that you might be having a hard time but it won’t always be this way and many others are here to help you. If nothing else remember that Bobcats are always resilient and it will take more than a hard week to put any Texas State student down.


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