Student Center Scene: A New Perspective

Darius Jones, Mass Communication Junior

There doesn’t have to be a specific reason why you love a place because often times there isn’t one. Sometimes it’s the way you feel around this place that makes it special, maybe the memories or just the people you know are there. 

Still there are other places where you know exactly why you love it. The smell as you walk down the hall, a comfortable alcove where you catch some Zzz’s, or the way it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re there.

 No matter your reasons there is some place on Texas State’s campus that is special to someone. The Quad, Evans, Alkek, Sewell and even Jones are just a handful of the meaningful locations on campus that students love. The LBJ Student Center, of course, is another one of those places. Darius Jones, Mass Communication junior, knows firsthand how meaningful it is:   

 To me the LBJ Student Center is another home. I say that because I’m constantly here; whether its’ for Black Student Alliance, Associated Student Government, University Ambassadors, working the CASO desk or just trying to take a nap in Boko’s lounge.

I also admire the history of achievements made here at Texas State. For example, the third floor houses the history of the first 100 years of women at Texas State, along with the list of Dean’s List recipients.

Along with that are the personal memories I have here at the student center. Last year I won Mr.Debonair and found out the results from the ASG election right here on the 4th floor. So much of the pride in this school is reflected in the Student Center. There’s always something going on and I feel blessed to be a part it.

Time and time again the student center proves that it’s not just a building, but more about building relationships, students’ leadership and memories that will last forever. No matter what your reasons for your love of Texas State, there is a little something for everybody.


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