Influence and Involvement

Junior Nathan McDaniel

Participation, leadership, and responsibility are all a part of the college experience, especially when it comes to being an involved student. Involvement within the Student Center has always been an important part of Texas State and the Student Center, and that doesn’t just begin at the Campus Activities and Student Organizations desk. It starts when students get out there and take that first step towards becoming more of a leader, and junior Nathan McDaniel hasn’t stopped taking steps since first becoming involved:

When asked about what I am involved in I used to feel a little awkward because I am SO involved at Texas State.  When I first started getting involved I would only mention a few organizations I was involved in because I didn’t want people thinking that I was bragging on myself or anything like that. I just never liked listing all the organizations I was a member of.

 Well, recently I realized, ‘Why would I be embarrassed or worried about what other people think?  I chose to do these organizations and I am proud to be doing the best I can to advance them.’  I am the new member educator of a fraternity, Vice President of Scholarship for the Interfraternity Council, director of Foundations of Excellence for Student Foundation, and Chief of Staff of the Associated Student Government.

 I cannot even begin to tell someone how much intrinsic value I get (and I’m sure other involved students as well) from being involved and helping serve or give back in anyway I can to the university.  It makes me feel like I have a purpose here at Texas State and definetely gives me more school pride and knowledge of what’s going on around campus.  I wake up everyday knowing that I have a something to do besides just go to class.

 We recently got our new members of Student Foundation, which I am really excited about.  It’s always great to see new members in an organization – they bring variety, strength, optimism, and excitement.  The semester has been busy for me, but I honestly cannot complain.  I will probably never slow down, and I am okay with that. 

In addition to learning and benefitting yourself, the university benefits from students being involved in organizations. Texas State needs those students who are part of many different areas because diverse ideas are a glue that holds the school together. Different opinions are what makes the Student Government run. The many creative ideas people bring to the table make SACA run as smoothly as it does. The many students who are involved in other areas of campus help SOC determine how best to help those organizations.  

You also don’t have to be afraid to try out different organizations. Oftentimes that first group isn’t the one that’s going to be your constant group, so in that case you try somewhere else. You never know where you’ll find your niche, and if it takes 10 organizations to find it, so be it. Regardless of how many places you try to join, things you try out and activities you participate in, you’ll continue to learn and grow from every one of them. In the end, that is what will make your college career ultimately worth it.


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