Behind the Scenes of What Involvement Means

SACA Member Ricky Soliz

With this year’s Homecoming slowly drawing to a close Texas State is already looking back on what has been a record-breaking week for students and the university alike. The Homecoming Talent Show set off a #2 trending topic on Twitter in Austin as well as in Houston. Attendance for every Homecoming event has been just as high as in previous years if not higher and students are looking forward to record breaking numbers at this weekend’s Homecoming football game.

Even with all the fun and games going on it’s important to remember that these events, or any of the events Texas State has or will put on, don’t happen without the help of many talented people behind the scenes. Those who put together the Soapbox Derby, Talent Show, movie nights and many other events are put together with students just like me and you. These are what Texas State’s involved students live for; the chance to be present at large events they’ve helped put together that students enjoy. Texas State Junior Ricardo Soliz has been a part of the involvement scene from very early on and it has continues to pay off for him through the years: 

Student organizations have helped me become more comfortable with myself, allowing me to expand my horizons. I’ve been involved with numerous organizations that have helped me develop my skills, most f which I feel can be used beyond my college career.

Resident Hall Association (RHA) was the first organization I became involved in at Texas State. While in RHA I learned that leadership, teamwork and communication are the key to success when working in a group. At the same time I learned the value of friendship and how important it is. The first friends I made at this university were the ones in RHA. The following year I was an e-board member for another Residence Hall and used the skills I acquired the previous year with the new group of members. I had the best time in RHA and am grateful to have been part of such a great organization.

I am currently the Entertainment Coordinator for The Student Association for Campus Activities (SACA). As the Entertainment Coordinator my job is to bring fun and innovative programs to our university. I have been an active SACA member for 2 years and have loved every minute of it. I love being given responsibility in a big student organization. Being in SACA has given me the opportunity to improve my planning, networking and leadership skills. SACA has become my second family and I as well as the members have grown so much as individuals and young leaders from being in this organization.

Being involved on campus has made me the strong willed individual I am today and I wouldn’t choose any other University to be involved with. Texas State has offered me the opportunity to have hands on experience in activities that I enjoy. I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of Texas States best student leaders. Being involved in student organizations has made me, as well as other individuals, fearless.

In addition to learning new skills, becoming involved gives you a whole new perspective and outlook on yourself. Each organization can bring you something new and expand upon talents you both knew were there and those had no idea were there. You could become a part of something bigger and more special than even yourself, but most importantly it will help you to see yourself as someone special and meaningful in the process.


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