Bobcats Giving Back

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

Texas State University isn’t just about giving back to it’s students but the San Marcos community as well. With over 50,000 people in San Marcos and over 34,ooo students Bobcats remember to do what they can to help outside of the university.

Student Volunteer Connection is hosting this year’s annual Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week in support of all those struggling and to make students aware of a growing national problem. The week begins November 13th and ends on the 19th.

Starting off the week will be a Food and Hygiene Drive benefitting Southside Community Center and the Hays County Food Bank. Students will be able to donate through either an organization or in the many boxes that will be stationed around campus in order to support those who have less than ourselves.

SVC will also be partnering with SACA for a Hunger Banquet in George’s. The banquet will be catered for students with an interesting spin on how the world works when it comes to hunger. Students will get one of two tickets, one that will mark them as “Poor” and another that will mark them as “Rich”. Those with tickets that read “Poor” will receive a meager supply of food to reprsent those who go hungry on a daily basis while those who receive “Rich” tickets will get the same amount of food as a typical American receives on a daily basis. Those who are “Poor” will also be given cardboard to make signs and after a brief activity a speaker will address how hungerness affects people around the globe. The purpose of the event is to shed light on the reality of how people go hungry on a daily basis in the world and how we as Bobcats can help.

In addition to an illustrated view of how giving back can make a difference, SVC will host a volunteer opportunity at Southside Community Center. Following the volunteering there will be a final drop off and collection of items for the Food and Hygiene Drive in the LBJ Student Center to top off what will hopefully be a great week of giving. 

Bobcat Build will also be continuing their legacy of giving back by having the Bobcat 5K on Saturday November 20th. All funds raised from the relay will go to Bobcat Build to help them later support the community with events such as  their annual Bobcat Build in the spring.

Now that the holidays are right around the corner this is the season for giving, and what better way to give back than to be a Bobcat? Texas State University is known for doing what they can not just for themselves but for others outside of the school who need a helping hand. With a record breaking school population we have even more people to give, and even more reason to be thankful for what we have.


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