Top 5 Helpful Finals Tips

With finals just around the corner many students are all wondering the same thing: How am I going to get through this? All of us here at the LBJ Student Center completely understand where you’re coming from. So here are our top five studying tips that can help you  prepare for your end of school year testing: 

1) Put off all your studying until the night before.

2) Pull an all-nighter and take a nap right before your final.

3) Drink about 10 cups of coffee and 2 energy drinks right before your final. You definetely WON’T crash.

4) You only need to take mental note of what time your final is once and then you’ll just remember.

5) You know all this information, don’t even bother studying!

Of course, if you haven’t figured it out yet, these are all the things you SHOULDN’T do before your final exams this year. Here are some tips you should REALLY consider:

1) Set aside times to study DAYS before your actual final. And that doesn’t just mean 2 days. The more time you take to study, the smaller the portions you need to cover each day. This will make it easier to recall later since you’ll have gone over the material several times.

2) All-nighters are almost NEVER a good thing. Taking all night to study before your final doesn’t mean you’re going to remember everything the next day and is actually worse for you than if you study ahead of time. (See #1):)

3) Caffeine RIGHT before your final is probably not the best route to take…Mostly because there’s always the risk of you crashing and getting super sleepy in the middle of a fairly important test. Caffeine the night before while you’re studying (but NOT pulling an all-nighter) is fine as long as you sleep it off. The best defense against being tired is getting some well-deserved rest.

4) When you find out the time of your finals WRITE THEM DOWN, SET AN ALARM, anything to remind you of when and where it is when it comes around. And don’t just have one reminder, have several. Don’t trust that you’ll just remember when a specific final is because by the time you get into all of your studying it will be very difficult for you to recall even something as simple as a time.  

5) Even if you think you know all of the material that’s going to be covered on the final, go over the information anyway. You don’t know what you could have missed, and even if you won’t miss anything it’s still good to be  refresh your memory over things. Better to be safe than sorry!

It’s easy to become stressed out with so much going on in one week, but it’s important to remember that stressing just makes things worst. Remember some of these tips and come up with some of your own, but most of all, best of luck on your final exams and have a great holiday break!


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