Keys to a Successful Spring Semester

Welcome back bobcats! Spring semester means a lot of different things for us here in Bobcat Country: leaves back on the trees, perfect river weather, and most of all a fresh start. Spring semester is notorious for going by more quickly than the Fall; with so many activities and changes that take place on campus. It can be difficult to come back into a new semester, so it’s important to take some things into account when going into Spring.

One of the most important things you’ll want to be aware from the very beginning of this semesteris preparation and scheduling. Though it may be fun I wouldn’t recommend taking classes that you don’t need. You could be wasting time, energy and money on a class that in the long run won’t have made a difference in your college career. It could also take away from your studies in other classes and shift your focus away from your degree plan. Another piece to keep in mind with classes is scheduling. Even if you need a class, you should be realistic as to the times that you schedule it. If you’re not going to go to an 8:00 AM class, don’t sign up for it wait and take it another semester later in the day.    

And speaking of missing that 8:00 AM class, don’t miss class early on because you never know when you’ll need those days off later in the semester. Missing a class in February because you didn’t feel like getting out of bed is going to come back and bite you when you get sick in March or it gets to be perfect river weather in April.

With the weather warming up there’s one things on everyone’s mind as soon as students get back: Spring Break. That magical time of year when we college students are released into the real world for a relaxing week of fun in the sun. Sure that week is spent having a great time, but when it comes time to get back to work, getting your momentum back up to what it was before the break can be difficult. Still, you should keep up the hard work that you had in place before the break because by the end of March we’re in the home stretch of the semester. Get everything in order before you go away for vacation so you make it easier on yourself to come back and jump back into school mode. It will be hard to re-focus, but worth it.

With your new-found school mode, both before and after Spring Break, time management should always be a prime focus. Keeping everything in order, whether it be through a planner, writing it on your hand, calendar in your phone or any other way you can think of, is always a big part of the semester but especially in Spring. Things can get crazy in a shorter amount of time so having your moments planned will help ease some of the crazier ones.  


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