Surveying the Study Scene

Since school started back Bobcats have enjoyed the first couple of weeks in relative quiet. The first week, also known as “syllabus week”, passed with ease for many students. Small assignments may have been assigned, a few readings here and there, maybe even a paper’s due date committed to memory, but in general not too much has gone on in class. Unfortunately it is only the calm before the storm.

This week marks the beginning of quizzes, assignment due dates and the first of everyone’s favorite activity: taking exams. But never fear bobcats, it’s not as bad as you think. There are plenty of convenient places to prepare to get the grades you want to get. Some of the most popular places to study are right here on campus. 

If you need a place that’s all to yourself check out the personal study rooms on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors of the library. They’re quiet, secluded and perfect for the silently studious. Not feeling the walk to the library? If you live in a residence hall the community study rooms are a convenient alternative that you don’t even have to leave home for and can be great for getting together with others who have the same class.

The Lampasas coffee forum has it’s own comfortable home feel to it. With refreshments like, you guess it, coffee, comfy couches and small tables it’s like studying in your own living room. Likewise the 4th floor of the student center is popular for students getting together with groups, studying in the rocking chairs or settling in in Lily’s Lounge.

If you need a moment to get away from the studying and take a break there’s plenty of places you can go to for that as well. If you’re in Lampasas, take a trip to Einstein’s Bagels on the 2nd floor of The Den which is a great place to grab a coffee and a bagel and take moment to yourself. If you’re studying in the library take a 5 to 10 minute break and go down to the first floor to grab snacks from the snack machines. If you’re in LBJ there are plenty of places to escape. The back of the 4th floor’s couches are perfect for a short nap, Starbucks is right downstairs and Boko’s living room checks out blankets, pillows and even alarm clocks.

Long story short, this week could get really busy really fast for Bobcats. Luckily, Texas State understands how much work there is to do and provides accordingly. Good luck this week bobcats, and while you’re preparing for your added workload remember that Spring Break is just 6 weeks away. You can do it!


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