A Night on the Town

Hey Bobcats, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as many of us know it’s sure to be a day filled with love, affection, dinner dates and time alone with that special someone. And even if you’re single Valentine’s can be just as fun and interesting a day as for everyone else.

If you’re single you can take the easy way out on the V-Day fun. Things are definetely less complicated anyway. You don’t have to pay for a fancy meal, buy expensive gifts or plan a romantic evening. Of course there’s nothing wrong with doing those things for someone else, but there are plenty of ways to have fun on Valentine’s with friends and other singles. Luckily there are plenty of activities for the “Week of Love” to get you out of the house and having fun regardless of your relationship status, including here in the LBJ Student Center!

The top three ways that you can spend a Valentine’s Day the right way include:

1. Classic dinner and a movie:

Taking your special someone out to dinner and a movie is a tradition that dates back decades to drive-in theater days. Nowadays taking a large group of friends to hang out at dinner and then going to see a comedy, or whatever kind of movie floats your boat, is another way to have just as much fun as the couples hanging out together. It doesn’t matter who you’re with as long as you’re laughing and having a good time.

2. ‘Singled Out’ or ‘Speed Dating’

If you’re on campus and need a place to go, SACA is hosting their ‘Singled Out’ event Monday night at 8 PM in George’s. Unlike the name suggests Singled Out isn’t about singling anyone out as, well, single. Based on the hit 90’s MTV show bearing the same name, the show is about getting to know other singles out there who you don’t necessarily have to have a romantic link up with. It’s not necessarily about the romance, just a fun activity like a Texas State meet and greet of epic proportions!

3. Celebrate your Single-ness

Get out there and do things that other couples don’t necessarily get the chance to do too often. Have a night out, or in, with just your friends. Rent a movie, play some video games, have a dinner at your place or even a mini dance party. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get together with your other single friends and enjoy being together in a non-romantic way.

So as you can see there are a few things that you can do this Valentine’s Day that don’t involve being alone. Valentine’s Day, like every other day in life, is what you make of it. With that in mind, get out there and have fun this holiday. You never know what, or who, you might find!


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