You Count!

This week students may have noticed the many hardworking individuals stationed in various locations of the Student Center diligently clicking what looks to be a small clock everytime someone walks by. So what exactly are they doing? They’re taking part in the LBJ Student Center’s annual Traffic Count!

The Traffic Count involves every staff member in the Student Center taking count of how many people travel through the building’s  different entrances at specific times. This count is very important to indicate traffic flow at certain times of the day, which in turn helps the student center to better accommodate students and staff.

Clicking helps to inform the staff of when the most people are in the building, thus helping to determine when staff is most needed and when more staff should be scheduled to adjust to the rising amount of students and visitors.

It also alerts the student center to new trends within the building, such as where everyone is eating at what time, how many people are going to class in the teaching theater. This is in turn helps to analyze what students want and address needs such as the scheduling of programs and events that take place in the student center. Many decisions are made in regards to planning different things that take place here and it is based on the numbers received and calculated during click week.

In addition to helping the many people who travel through the student center everyday, clicking is also very good for the LBJ Student Center staff. AllDuring the week, all of the staff from every , office of the department comes together to accomplish a large task that couldn’t be done without everyone. It is a very good community builder and puts the faces of hard-working staff in front of the people we serve.

So the next time you’re running to class, grabbing a bite or just happen to be around and spot of of our tireless individuals armed with a clicker, give them a quick thanks for all that they do –  not just during click week, but every day and year round. Thanks LBJ Student Center staff, Bobcats couldn’t do it without you!


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