A Farewell to Mr. Rhoades

Andy Rhoades

The LBJ Student Center strives to bring a sense of community to Texas State through our 5 core values: Service, Excellence, Respect, Empowerment and Collaboration. Director Andy Rhoades, now on his way into retirement, embodies each and every one of these values.  For the past 12 years Andy Rhoades has been a major part of not only Student Center life, but the lives of students themselves.  Known for loving Texas State students as much as the university itself, his priority has always been the student voice.

His “lead by example” attitude has impacted many students as well as faculty and staff and stems from his idea that because students choose to come here, allowing them to use their voice will create the sense of community the Student Center strives so hard to maintain. This sense of community helps to create the family atmosphere we have at Texas State and helps students feel more like a Bobcat.

His last day of March 31st is rapidly approaching where he will be participating in one last Bobcat Build alongside his fellow Bobcats. Anyone who has come into contact with Andy knows what a great influence he has had on everyone he meets. With a wink and a smile he can ease the most hectic day, and sitting down and speaking with him was as easy as asking. The LBJ Student Center and all of Texas State would just like to thank Andy for all of his hard work over the years and wish him the best as he steps into the next phase of his life. And remember Mr. Rhoades, though you may not be with us here on campus, once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat.


2 thoughts on “A Farewell to Mr. Rhoades

  1. Andy,

    How fortunate you and Texas State have been
    As your lucky sister-in-law, I can only ditto their sentiments.
    Go Bobcats and Bulldogs!


  2. While we have been fortunate enough to have Andy Rhoades at Texas State in the LBJ Student Center, he has spent 40 years influencing students, staff and colleagues in the field of student affairs and college unions/student activities at several campuses across the nation. Last week, while attending our professional association’s annual conference, I witnessed first-hand how much of an impact he has made on the lives of students and staff members over the years. Colleagues of mine shared with him just how much they valued his mentorship and the opportunities they had to work with him as a staff member or student. As Andy leaves this week, he leaves us with the memory of someone who spent his career making students feel valued and welcomed in the student center. I appreciate that I had an opportunity to work for and with Andy. Thanks, Boss! Best wishes to you and your family on this next phase in your life. Bobcat Proud!

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