To Lend a Helping Hand

As the end of the semester draws nearer each day, students at Texas State University are hard at work keeping everything from working and involvement to academics in a precarious balance that is often difficult to maintain. It is during these crazy times that it becomes easiest to focus on ourselves. It is easy to become absorbed in our own college world and the busy bubble we live and work in. But in the midst of all of our personal obligations, even the busiest Texas State student can takethe time to participate in giving back to the community.

Every semester there are volunteer opportunities for students to make an impact in  the San Marcos community, including either “the recent” or “last Wednesday’s”) event Bobcat for a Day. Bobcat for a Day is a program through Community Relations and the Associated Student Government in which high school students from San Marcos High School are paired up with a Texas State Bobcat to participate in a school day together. Everything from attending classes with their Bobcat to enjoying the many different amenities Texas State has to offer, Bobcat for a Day is an annual celebration to show what coming to Texas State, or any college or university, is all about.

Yet an even bigger celebration of the community is Bobcat Build, the largest annual community service day in central Texas. Thousands of students from all parts of the University take part in this annual clean up of San Marcos.

Bobcat Build is Texas State’s way of saying “Thank You” to the citizens of San Marcos for welcoming students with open arms and being supportive of all that we do here. Not only does Bobcat Build help with the theme of Keeping San Marcos beautiful, it also helps to build a sense of community between students, and the citizens of San Marcos. April 9th will mark the event’s 9th anniversary and it’s 3rd year of being completely student run. Over the past 9 years, it has quickly become a main event within the city. To learn more about Bobcat Build, check out our 2011 video on the LBJ Student Center Youtube:

Texas State is a home for all of us Bobcats, old and new, alumni and current students alike, but it’s also important to remember that without our wonderful San Marcos community it wouldn’t feel as much like home. Giving back is one of the many ways that we thank our community for all that they do in supporting our growing university. Lending a helping hand is every Bobcat’s responsibility, so be sure to do right by your Texas State community and lend a helping hand wherever you can.


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