Student Employee Appreciation Week!

As you’re walking through the Student Center next week be sure to thank a student who’s behind a desk, answering a phone or just running around and looking busy. All of our Bobcats that are currently working understand the difficulties associated with balancing the pressures of keeping up with your school work and paying the bills at the same time. Luckily, departmental heads and offices of Student Center know the hard work student employees put in everyday and will spend a week celebrating all they accomplish on a regular basis.

Student Employee Appreciation Week is a national week that celebrates student employees everywhere, but especially the more than 100 student center employees we have in the Student Center.  This year the University’s Appreciation Week is April 9-13th and commemorates student worker’s campus wide. Each department and office comes up with their own ways to show their student employees they care and Student Center will be hosting different events each day.

In addition to small events throughout the week, Career Services will be involved in a Student Employee of the Year awards ceremony on Monday where the top student employee for the Student Center will be recognized.

Every employee makes a difference at Texas State University and the Student Center would like to commend and thank all of the student employees who help the Center function on a regular basis. Thank you and please continue with all of the hard work you put in each and every day!


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