So Close, Yet So Far!

As many Bobcats have discovered since April began the semester is finally winding down to that amazing time of year known as Summer Break. Ah yes, the weather is beautiful, the river is calling and some days all you want to do is lounge out in the sun for a while instead of getting that paper done. With just 2 full weeks of classes left it’s slowly becoming easier and easier to mentally check out. However, even though we’re  getting closer to vacation, remember that you’re also getting closer to completing your ultimate goal of accomplishing a successful semester.

The last few weeks of school are definitely where you want to do your best and work hard if you have not been doing so already. This is the time of year that Finals are just far enough away that you will still have quizzes and tests to prepare your for that final exam in your class. It is also the peak of special presentations and projects so be very careful not to become complacent or procrastinate until the last-minute. If you wait, you’ll be up to your ears in days of work that you will only have hours to complete.

Stay on your toes and push to the finish Bobcats! The work may be difficult now, there may not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, but trust me that your reward for being productive far outweighs your potentially stressful time. And it doesn’t have to be stressful at all! So long as you stay active and maintain a balance between your work you’ll finish out the semester in the best way!


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