Riverfest 2012: Yung Joc

Riverfest 2012!


Thousands of students and San Marcos residents  flocked to Sewell Park yesterday afternoon with just one goal in mind: to have a great time.

Amidst the large crowds and gorgeous April day, the 9th annual Riverfest kicked off with a bang as Texas State alumnus DJ Coty Morris pumped up the volume with some of  today’s hottest beats. Her music really amped up the audience for a night of fun. Next, BET Comedian Ronnie Jordan took to the stage and evoked laughs from the very beginning, setting the stage for this year’s Battle of the Bands winner Hope and Stay. As soon as Hope and Stay finished entertaining the crowd with their eclectic mix of rock and roll, the winners of the LBJ Student Center’s Great Weiner Battle were announced. Congratulations to HBSA’s dog, Perro Caliente, being named the “official Texas State dog” and to all of our finalists!

Following the announcement, Hip Hop Congress took the stage with several great acts and got the crowd into it with the city roll call and the DJ spinning tracks from all over Texas and beyond. Ronnie Jordan took the stage one last time and then, before we knew it, it was time for the final act: Young Joc!

Taking the stage with a flourish and great stage presence, Joc performed many old favorites to his crowd of over 4,000 people and got them rounded up into a music-induced frenzy. The performance was one for the record books and one that Texas State will not forget anytime soon. Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Young Joc following his performance right here: http://youtu.be/TMN19DO6QTI



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