It’s a great day to have a Bobcat Day!

ImageIf you walk into Chick-Fil-A tomorrow morning and realize that the place is OVERRUN with overly-emotional parents and extra-embarrassed teenagers; do not fear! You are not at a mall during black Friday, it’s just Bobcat Day. Bobcat Day happens twice during the fall and spring semesters. This is the day in which prospective Bobcats are given a chance to experience what campus is like through a variety of sessions and events in the LBJ Student Center.

The day begins for these almost-Bobcats at the LBJ Student Center where they’re welcomed with a video in the Lair and then sent around campus to experience all Texas State has to offer! This includes guided campus tours, residence hall tours, financial aid sessions and a chance to eat at any dining hall on campus! Prospective students and parents also get the chance to rub elbows with faculty from each school. Organizations and other Texas State staples will also be present at this event, especially at the org fair in the LBJ ballroom.

The day is basically a way for potential students to see what Texas State has to offer. If you see these potential Bobcats around campus, remember to be friendly, and be everything Texas State represents! And if all else fails: EAT EM’ UP CATS! It doesn’t matter if it’s Bobcat Day; EVERYDAY is a great day to be a Bobcat!

The LBJ student center is often host to a variety of events and programs! A comprehensive event list can be found at Also, make sure you follow the LBJ Student Center twitter, @lbjsc to be completely in the know on all LBJ-hosted events.


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