Were you there? Org Fair!


Candy! Stickers! Maroon and gold beads everywhere! No, this wasn’t a Boko piñata; it was the Student Organization Fair sponsored by Student Organizations Council held in the LBJSC Ballroom! Organizations from all over campus came to the ballroom to hand out information and goodies in the hopes of attracting fresh Bobcats into their organization.

Over 90 organizations ranging from University Ambassadors to Japanese language and culture club had tables inside the ballroom. The feeling inside was electric. The music was loud, tables were yelling, and the crowd was flowing in at an almost non-stop pace. In fact, this year’s org fair garnered a record turn-out of students! Over 2100 students attended this year’s fair, easily toppling the 1600 who attended last year.

The purpose of the Organization Fair is to get students on campus involved! Being involved isn’t just a fantastic résumé builder; it’s a great way to make friends and make the best of your college experience. That’s the awesome thing about college, every day is a learning experience, and class is just one part. The rest is finding what one is really about, and through an organization, the process can be that much easier.


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