5 Essential Spots all Freshmen Should Hit Up In The LBJ


Four years were spent clawing your way to the top of the totem pole in high school, and what do you have to show for it? You have to start all over; except this time, it’s in a brand new city without the friends you made and the family that made you. Yeah, It’s hard, but it’s totally not impossible! There is so much stuff around the LBJ that can totally help you get into the groove! We’ve listed five awesome spots in the LBJ that will help you become a more seasoned Bobcat!



1.       Boko’s Living Room- Hands down; one of the best places on campus. You can literally go here, rent a pillow and a blanket, and take a nap. Seriously. Catch up on your beauty rest and be ready for that 3:30 Class. You’re going to be well rested and everyone is going to be jealous of the lack of bags under your eyes.

2.       The Rocking Chairs- The best study spot on campus. These chairs are lined up facing a window giving you a beautiful view to curl up in a ball and peruse whatever you were supposed to read the night before. Of course the LBJSC is equipped with Texas State wifi; so if you don’t have any studying to do, pull out your IPAD and get caught up on some Netflix!

3.       Paws Market- Delicious Coffee. CHEAP coffee. Cheap AND Delicious Coffee. What more do you need? Bring your own cup and you get coffee for 75 Cents. And they all have cute names to go along with the sweet flavors. Aside from Coffee PAWS market has all your classic convenience store fare and has pretty great hours.

4.       Charging Stations- Iphone dying on you? Android dying on you? Nokia dying on you? LBJSC is equipped with charging stations, pretty much everywhere to get you through the post “3PM less than 30% charge” blues.

5.       George’s- George’s is the perfect place to get away and get your mind off! The atmosphere is great and you can shoot some pool and play some Ping-Pong. Stress Relief City. Thanks George Strait. ❤ Texas State


These are only a few of the helpful things that we have at the LBJ! Check them out, see what you like. College is about new experiences, so take your first steps here at the LBJ. Just because you’re new to campus, doesn’t mean you’re lesser than any other Bobcats. WE ARE ALL BOBCATS. WAKA WAKA. AYE AYE!


Welcome to Texas State. Eat em’ up Freshmen!  


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